Motion is life. We at Bauerfeind believe that everyone should be able to move without pain in a way that suits their lifestyle.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical products with a history of more than 90 years, we combine decades of expertise in technology and manufacturing with innovation. From the thread to the completed item, Bauerfeind compression garments are developed and manufactured in Germany to guarantee treatment with consistent, high-quality and very comfortable products. Your well-being is our priority!

At JOBST, we are passionate about providing compression therapy solutions that empower patients to confidently live the life they want, without compromise - despite their lipedema or their lymphatic and venous condition. 

JOBST is proud to be the founding sponsor of the ILA. 

Here at Juzo are we passionate about developing medical aids that accompany patients during their therapy from start to finish. We develop and manufacture next generation compression garments, supports and orthoses using state-of-the-art technology for vein treatment, oedema therapy, scar therapy and orthopaedics under the motto “Freedom in Motion".

Being one of the world's leading manufatures of medical aids, medi's products and treatment concepts contribute to treatment success for many disease and ailments.
Following our motto "medi. I feel beter", we help people worldwide to increase their quality of life. 


As a Swiss-based, 100% family-owned business with 160 years of history and more than 60 years of experience in medical compression, SIGVARIS GROUP is committed to helping people feel their best with high-quality and innovative offerings in medical compression therapy. Every day. Worldwide. Our portfolio caters to a wide range of different needs and indications in the veno-lymphatic field. Our premium medical product brand Sigvaris addresses more than medical requirements and comfort. The products cater to the way of life of persons using them. Because the best compression is the one that helps individuals feel less like a patient, and more like themselves. Continuous development and innovation, as well as a consistent commitment to solutions that support our customers in all their activities, make us the preferred partner for all stakeholders.

To learn more about SIGVARIS GROUP, visit sigvaris.com.

With its operations spanning the worlds of medicine, materials and digital technology, Thuasne creates and distributes medical devices and global, innovative solutions enabling all patients and consumers to become active players in their own health. 

Partner Organisations

Lipoedema and obesity-related-lymphedema often appear together and both diseases are usually diagnosed and treated by the same healthcare professionals. So, what could be more obvious than creating a strong collaboration between the ILA and the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF). Both associations have therefore signed a letter of intent where they announce their collaboration on conferences and specific projects.