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ILF and ILA have signed a letter of intent regarding conferences and selected project activities.

The International Lipoedema association (ILA) was recently founded by a team of passionate healthcare professionals to create the best possible treatment for lipoedema patients based on clinical evidence, long-standing experience, and a passion for improved therapy outcomes. Lipoedema and obesity-related-lymphedema often appear together and both diseases are usually diagnosed and treated by the same healthcare professionals. So, what could be more obvious than creating a strong collaboration between the ILA and the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF). Both associations have therefore signed a letter of intent where they announce their collaboration on conferences and specific projects.

Renaming Lipoedema

The renaming process of the term lipoedema has been initiated. Please watch the video by Erika Mendoza, MD, PhD, the General Secretary of the German Society of Phlebology and future President of the 64th meeting of the German Society of Phlebology, Hannover in 2022, as well as the President of the EVF meeting 2023 (Berlin). Moreover, she also is a member of the steering group of the German Lipoedema Guidelines.

3rd International Lipoedema Forum, Copenhagen

16 to 17 November 2021

The 10th International Lymphoedema Framework conference

18 to 20 November 2021

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