Strategy and Vision

The International Lipoedema Association (ILA) works dedicated to the following statements:

Our VISION is to improve the quality of life among people affected by lipoedema globally, by providing holistic, evidence-based treatment according to their individual needs.



We are dedicated to creating the best possible treatment for our lipoedema patients by collaborating in an international, diverse, inclusive, and multidisciplinary team approach which is based on clinical evidence, long-standing experience, and a passion for improved therapy outcomes.


Our values and beliefs

  • Courage & Change
  • Care & Collaboration
  • Passion & Compassion
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Teamwork & Loyality


Our goals:

  • Increase knowledge about lipoedema by initiating and/or contributing to research programmes
  • Building the bridge between Healthcare Professionals and patients and valuing their knowledge and experience
  • Increase an understanding of lipoedema, and its holistic management by creating and/or contributing to the development of education programmes towards Healthcare Professionals and patients
  • Work closely with the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) and promote international collaboration 
  • Provide a cross-cultural networking platform through an annual international event
  • Help the Health Care Industry understand the underlying needs of lipoedema patients and their healthcare professionals
  • Further promote and document best practice with the development of an international minimum dataset
  • Facilitate and/or contribute to better access to treatment for patients worldwide
  • Promote and support initiatives whose goals are to improve the regional/national/global management of lipoedema anywhere in the world.
  • Communicate evidence-based knowledge on lipoedema by implementing and promoting an international, not-for-profit publications strategy