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15 March, 2022


At the POWER Lymphatics Symposium 2022, president of the ILA, Tobias Bertsch and therapist, Elvira Albrecht, will present the European consensus and the implementation of a new therapy approach. Afterwards, there will be a discussion between lipoedema panelists.

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26-28 May, 2022

ILA will perform a workshop at the Australasian Lymphology Association conference, 26-28 May 2022.
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20 November 2021, 14-15:30, Copenhagen

Session: Lipoedema Management II at ILF Conference

Chair: Liesbeth Vandermeeren

Isabel Forner-Cordero: Phenotypes of Lipoedema
Jørgen Rungby: Lipoedema from an endocrinological point of view
Ad Hendrickx: Physio- and movement therapy for the lipoedema patient
Nestor Torio-Padron: Consensus of the European lipoedema forum: Liposuction for the treatment of lipoedema, yes, but…
Jodok Fink: Impact of bariatric surgery on Lipoedema

18 November 2021, 15:30-17:00, Copenhagen

Session: Lipoedema Management I at ILF Conference

Tobias Bertsch: New European concensus document on lipoedema
Gabriele Erbacher: Psycho-social aspects of lipoedema
Robert Damstra: Lipoedema and pain
Sandro Michelini: Lipoedema: A genetic disease to know better

16 to 17 November 2021, Copenhagen

3rd International Lipoedema Forum

14 to 15 March 2019, Hamburg

2nd European Lipoedema Forum

21 to 22 June 2018, Hamburg

1st European Lipoedema Forum